The Spanking Club of Atlanta, or SCOATL is a club focused on the distinct needs of spankos in Atlanta, Georgia.

“So, what is it about spanking that excites you?”


Our Mission

SCOATL’s focus is to give spankos space to feel more comfortable with their interest, to discuss spanking with others, and potentially to find play partners. There is no singular method to enjoy spanking play. Whether you like spanking just for the sensation of giving or receiving spanks, or use it as a way to release stress, or prefer to play out pretend disciplinary scenes--all are valid modes of expression. 

We are an inclusive spanking group, open to ALL genders and orientations.

SCOATL focuses on the domestic style scene ranging to the school corporal punishment style scene. So in addition to spanking with the trusty bare hand, using implements such as the hairbrush, belt, wooden spoon, paddle, tawse, strap, cane and birch is also appropriate. Please keep your whips, floggers, cat-o-nines and such, for the other style parties.

Different people are attracted to spanking for different reasons. For most spankos, spanking isn’t just physical, but also psychological. This may include how someone feels emotionally, or center on particular implements (like a hairbrush, a belt, a wooden spoon, etc.) or connect to certain physical and mental sensations (like having their pants pulled down beforehand, getting scolded, or being placed in a corner).

We understand how difficult it can be to act on your spanking interest. Sadly, many lifelong spankos, never make an attempt to connect and fulfill their lifelong wishes. This doesn't have to be you. It is well worth it to push past the nervousness, talk with others who share this interest with you, and feel less alone. If you're a novice, or even a veteran, there is no pressure to play if you'd rather just talk with others in a relaxed atmosphere, surrounded by people just like you. We look forward to meeting you.