Ready to go to your first spanking party? CLICK and read this first

Ok, so you've decided you are ready to "jump into" the world of adult spanking parties. This can feel incredibly exciting and exhilarating to openly enjoy your interests. Sharing your love of spanking with others, listening and watching other people get spankings, saying the word spanking out loud over and over again......

Just remember, we are all people and spanking parties are just like any social event.

Here are some guidelines that can help you swim more easily:

- Play in public first with people you just meet. There are many national spanking parties, and some regional ones like Spanking Club of Atlanta, where you can talk, socialize, and decide to play with someone while surrounded by others. Many spankos have a bad habit of meeting in hotel rooms, and private homes for one off spanking sessions with people they don't know very well. This can leave us vulnerable whether we be "tops' or 'bottoms', spankers or spankees. A spanking party allows you to relax a bit, and play.

- Use a scene name, even if it's a real sounding one like Bob or Jill. A nice scene name can be used for decades, and will always let you know where someone knows you from.

- Try to get to know people in real life, as much as possible. Munches, are usually held in public restaurants, and are a good way of getting to talk to others and learn more about your local kinkster community.

- Meeting at a spanking party means you'll be in a public space around others who are skilled at listening in for safe words. You can play in either the open space or a semi-private room at SCOATL.

-Ever been ghosted by a spanko you've agreed to meet up with online? If you agree to meet at a spanking party, you can easily play with someone else that very same day. A party is a great neutral place to arrange to play with someone you've been speaking to online. Everyone agreeing to be at the same time and place, make it a lot easier to "set a date" for a spanking.

Deborah Burnside