What is a Spanking Club of Atlanta Party Like? CLICK HERE

SCOATL hosts spanking parties on the first Saturday of every month.

Our parties take place at 1763, and we depend on you to show, participate, spread the word, and contribute, so together we can make it clear that spankos are active and interested in having a space to play in.

Once you come in, you will be greeted at the desk. Give your ID, pay the admittance fee, get a wristband, and then you'll be able to walk into the club.

If you need to change into your costume or outfit, bathrooms and locker rooms are available.

You'll be given a tag (Red for Spankee, Green for Spanker, Yellow for "Switch", or Orange if you don't want a label) by your host.

These labels are just a way to start a conversation, and they let me know I've already greeted you.

If you are early, people are usually gathered and socializing, listening to soft instrumental music, waiting on more party attendees to arrive.

As more people come in, we usually do an "icebreaker", which is a fun spanking game that you can choose to participate in or just watch. These games are usually simple, fair, and fun--Simon Says, spanko style, for example.

The center area is available for spanking play, and so are the five side rooms. Doors and curtains must remain open at all times.

There is one room that is more domestic style with a vanity, and a chair for spanking. The other rooms are well equipped for spanking with spanking benches, and other types of furniture.

Spanking party goers are very diverse, and you never know who you will meet.

Chatting with others beforehand, and agreeing to meet up at the party is a great way to make sure you have a play partner for an event. While at a party, communicate as much as possible, and try to get to know people, because even if you aren't a match, they might know someone else who might be a better fit for your style of play.

Once play starts, there is usually the delightful melody of multiple simultaneous spankings rising up over the instrumental beat of the music.

As your host, I'll be around to watch, and chat with anyone who has questions or wants to talk.

There's no pressure to play whatsoever, and a spanking party can be a delightful way to spend an afternoon with like-minded people. If you choose to come back that evening, there will almost always be a separate evening event at 1763 for kink style play.

We hope to see you at a future weekend spanking party!


Deborah BurnsideComment