Guidelines for SCOATL Parties

First, please read the rules for the club that hosts our event: 1763’s Rules

Consent, FAQs, Values

In addition to the above, specific guidelines for SCOATL parties:

Dress Code: Clean and casual. Outfits or costumes that fit the theme, highly encouraged.

Appropriate implements are domestic implements like a hand, paddle, hairbrush, strap, ruler, wooden spoon, cane, tawse, birch, belt

No whips, floggers, or cat-o-nine tails during this time

No latex outfits or PVC outfits.

We suggest using safe words, “Green” to Go. “Yellow” to ease up, and “Red” to stop

Everybody has their own preference as to how bare a spanking should be. This will be negotiated by you and your partner.

There is no pressure to play, feel free to just socialize.

As per 1763, no cameras in the dungeon space go beyond the double doors to use your phone.

If you have any questions, just contact SCOATL on Fetlife. I'm happy to meet with you for coffee before the party, or answer any questions or concerns.