The Spanking Club of Atlanta, or SCOATL is a club focused on the distinct needs of spankos in Atlanta, Georgia.

“So, what is it about spanking that excites you?”

At SCOATL, we spank using our bare hands, as well as the typical domestic spanking tools like belts, paddles, hairbrushes, spoons, etc. There are other clubs and groups where you can use your whips, floggers etc.

We understand how difficult it can be to act on your spanking interest. Sadly, many lifelong spankos, never make an attempt to connect and fulfill their lifelong wishes. This doesn't have to be you. it well worth it to push past the nervousness, talk with others who share this interest with you, and feel less alone. If you're a novice, or even a veteran, there is no pressure to play if you'd rather just talk with others in a relaxed atmosphere, surrounded by people just like you. We look forward to meeting you.